Kieler Woche - Windjammerparade Mare Frisium | © NORD EVENT GmbH

Charter your ship for the Kieler Woche

Celebrate your corporate event under sail for the Kieler Woche 2024 from June 22nd to June 30th, 2024!

Sail exclusively among the biggest sailing event of the world


Fingers crossed and cheer along: From June 22nd to June 30th, 2024, more than 4,500 athletes from different nations compete in the sailing regattas of the Kieler Woche. Let yourself be infected by the sporting competition atmosphere and experience from a safe distance the packer on board one of our most common windjammers - ask us and experience your business event at a maritime event location! We make sure that the biggest annual meeting of sailors for you, your colleagues, employees or customers will be unforgettable.



Impressions of the event


Kieler Woche - Windjammerparade mit der Mare Frisium | © NORD EVENT GmbH
Kieler Woche - Segelregatta hautnah erleben | © Fotolia_99562
Kieler Woche - Jolle auf der Ostsee | © NORD EVENT GmbH
Segeln in Hamburg - Segel setzen auf der Mare Frisium | © NORD EVENT GmbH
Kieler Woche - Windjammerparade mit der Mare Frisium | © NORD EVENT GmbH

Look forward to the highlights of the Kieler Woche in 2024, which you can experience on land or from the water can:


  • Numerous Olympic champions and world champions from all over the world who compete in the most diverse sport boat disciplines

  • Sailing fireworks on Tuesday evening

  • Windjammer parade on saturday

  • Final fireworks on sunday

  • Day trips to the regatta fields

  • The olympic center of Schilksee

  • Naval mamorial of Laboe


Experience the Kieler Woche from all sides up close and look forward to the comprehensive maritime offers, where you sail directly along the Kieler Meile!


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